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Why Choose Us for Livestreaming?

Top Reasons to Livestream your Wedding & other Events with Pakka Live Stream!

PakkaLiveStream.comProfessional broadcast coverage throughout India as well as 60+ international destinations.

We’ve been in business since 2008, with hundreds of satisfied videography and broadcast customers.


My Streaming Wedding staff handle all aspects of the broadcast from start to finish – letting you enjoy the day to the fullest!

We use professional-grade video, audio and broadcasting equipment – the same streaming technology as major TV news networks! We bring our own portable internet uplink Dongles, powered by Vodafone, Airtel & Jio. But, if a WiFi or LAN connection is available at the venue, then we prefer using those connections to deliver best quality streaming video.

No viewer limits – invite as many online guests as you want!

We build a custom webpage for every couple, which can be personalized with pictures and a message from the bride and groom. Your site can be password protected if requested, letting you control who has access to the stream.

Live-streaming is a great way to include friends and family around the world on short notice! Even at the last minute!

Our streaming technology is portable, unobtrusive, and does not need to be physically tethered to power or internet. This allows us unprecedented mobility and unique coverage capabilities. Live-streaming from a remote beach or secluded forest? No problem!

Wireless microphones ensure high-quality audio capture, even in outdoor or noisy environments.

Want to reach your social-media audience? We offer professional simulcasting to your YouTube or Facebook pages.

Dedicated technical support during the broadcast, to assist any viewers who may have trouble watching.

After the broadcast, an on-demand recording of your wedding is uploaded to your web broadcast page. The HD video files can also be downloaded to your computer.

Why Choose Us for Zoom Weddings and Virtual Events? 

Top Reasons to Host your Virtual Wedding using Zoom with Pakka Live Stream! - Photography & Videography service provider, has shifted to hosting virtual weddings using Zoom so that couples can still tie the knot in front of their loved ones while venues are shut down and large gatherings are prohibited...

Lots of wedding couples and event managers come in with very low spirits because this is their last resort to have their wedding or event during this time. But after we walk them through all how we’re going to do it, you can see their faces brighten up. And because the price of an online wedding is so attainable, couples can invite more people to participate than they would with an in-person wedding. So I think the whole process is a lot cooler than we thought it was going to be and we’ve seen a positive response

We make all arrangements & integrations to ensure the security of all events.

Our qualified technical staff team not only provides technical support to the couple but to all the guests, during the event.

Lot of people use Zoom for all their gatherings and personal works plus Zoom can offer a more social experience. We decided to go with Zoom because it’s easier for people who are not tech-savvy to use. It’s also been really easy to train our employees to use. I think that the ease of Zoom has made our lives a lot easier, and we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without Zoom.” 

Zoom Weddings / Virtual Events will be the future and Pakka Live Stream will be the best hosting company of Zoom Weddings in India..


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